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I tend to watch a lot of Youtube videos. I'm subscribed to several Youtube channels. Of particular interest to me are those channels that demonstrate scientific experiments. One of them, Thunderf00t, is especially good at doing this. He constantly challenges other videos and the scientific claims they make, demonstrating why they're wrong through critical thinking, logic, experiments, measurements and math. This is how science works, through the constant challenging and revising of ideas. I don't agree with every claim he makes, especially ones about technology, because technology is always improving, but his channel is a good one to subscribe to.

Unfortunately, as soon as he starts talking about anything that's not scientific, all that reasoning goes out the window. He especially hates feminists and Anita Sarkeesian in particular. I don't agree with everything Anita says, either, but Thunderf00t's arguments aren't really arguments at all because they incorporate several of the logic errors he fights against with his science-related videos. There are better critiques of Anita Sarkeesian's work. You only need to do a web search for "critiques feminist frequency" to find them. Some of them even show where she gets things right, because critiques are not always negative.

And that's what I like about a well written, spoken or demonstrated critique, that it doesn't necessarily have to refute the original claim. In fact, a critique can support certain claims by showing how they are repeatable (another part of the scientific method) or can hold up under interrogation from another direction.

I once read, and I forget where I read this, that ideas should hold up on their own merits, not because of who said them. A good idea could come from a very disreputable source. Bad ideas come from otherwise reputable people. I know that life only offers us a certain amount of time, and reputation plays a big role in judging the source of ideas, but feel that sometimes reputation plays too big of a role. No one should be above questioning.
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