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I've been working hard on getting Storm of the Armadas (SotA) ready for playtesting, but it will be very difficult to publish. It has to incorporate so many different pieces: a rulebook, a box, counters, cards, and rulers. Not only that, but I've got to make and playtest the supplements, with all of their components, too. It's a daunting task, especially considering it's the first project I've published in years.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting on several role-playing game (RPG) projects. Yes, they still need a lot of editing and playtesting, but RPGs only require a rulebook. I could choose one of my past projects, such as a new edition of Metropole Luxury Coffin, or develop a new game. That way, when I release SotA I'll at least have learned something about fundraising, online sales, and creating a product for print-on-demand. The downside would be that I've got to raise some money soon to pay for the earlier fundraising effort, including a bit of artwork and editing.

I'd really like to read, or hear, your input, so either leave a comment below, e-mail, or call me.
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