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In response to my previous post about the question if I should publish a role-playing game (RPG) first, the answer was a resounding yes. But there were additional details about what sort of game would work. It seems that these days people want big stories that let them escape their lives. Stories like Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Wars: Rogue One, which is understandable since our news media is filled with stories of Trump. Yes, the trend predates the Trump phenomenon, but you get the point.

Can I write a RPG about a big story? The market is full of big story RPGs. Perhaps the most recent and best of them is Apocalypse World (AW). I've played AW and several variants of it, and even own a few that I haven't played.

I don't like AW's conflict resolution rules because it promotes constant fighting. This type of play was the hallmark of Dungeons & Dragons. It's not that I find constant fighting abhorrent, it's just that I've gotten bored by it. The reason why I collect games that are Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) is because of how they integrate different secondary rules, such as factions, into the story, and the fantastic suggestions on how to run a game.

Back to the movies. You may have also noticed another thing held in common between the two movies I mentioned, the genre of space opera. PbtA games assign characters special powers, and some of these powers are flat-out weird. I'm surprised that no one else has thought to create a PbtA space opera game. Perhaps they have, and I just haven't heard of it.

So, the next question, should I create a PbtA space opera game, or create a new edition of Metropole Luxury Coffin (MLC)? An earlier edition of MLC is available for free at 1km1kt, but the new version will be more comedic.
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