Apr. 14th, 2017

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I consider Storm of the Armadas to be a playable game with a steep learning curve at the beginning. Maneuvering in space doesn't work like it does on a planet. I've tried creating movement rules that closely held to real physics, but abandoned them because they were too complex to run smoothly. Instead, I kept some aspects of space movement (no air to slow you down) and abandoned others (turning is based upon velocity, rather than a calculation involving thrust, mass, velocity, direction and gravity). But turning isn't the only place I chose playability over reality.

There is no stealth in space. Yes, I know it's being hotly debated, but, extending modern technology into the future, it is entirely likely that nothing within the solar system could escape detection for long. So, why did I include elite ships whith stealth capabilities? Their presence makes for a far better story. Furthermore, stealth in space would have some similarities to submarine warfare, such as the ability of a lone ship to hide better. There would be differences, too, such as the need to engage targeting in order to overcome ECM, thereby offering the target a moment to react.

Other unrealistic aspects of space combat include the shape of the flotillas, firing arcs, weapon ranges, and units interfering with each others' lines-of-sight. Heck, ships should each maneuver differently. All of these rules were inserted in order to shape certain tactics.

The result I was going for was something similar to the battles found in Tanaka's Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Those battles were based, however, on Napoleonic warfare, and I wanted to address some of the differences that space offered.

To update the list of inspirations, I completely forgotten that I had read Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game and am now reading other books in that series.


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