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Yes, you read that right.

After a year of complaining, I've finally realized that I need to finish my PhD. I'm All-But-Dissertation (ABD), which makes me a PhD Candidate. Because I no longer wish to enter academia, I can avoid all other pressures, such as publishing in academic journals and presenting at all the special conferences. Of course, I'll need to consult with professors and the ethics review committee because the focus and sampling method has shifted so much, but I'm ready to return.

Instead, I'm looking to become a children's librarian, which only requires a Masters degree. Children's librarians are pretty low on the totem pole of librarians, but that's been one of my dreams for over a decade. The PhD will help me in my pursuit of my other profession, game designer. The two professions, librarian and designer, complement and support each other, with the librarian providing the socialization and the designer giving me a chance to creatively solve problems.

It'll take me a few years to write my dissertation, and that paper will likely provide lots of material for blog posts.
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