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I find running Apocalypse World (AW) to not be very fun. For a long time I puzzled over this, pointing out several flaws in the system, but the reality is, I miss rolling dice.

It doesn't matter if the rules use dice, cards, or something else, I like being responsible for not knowing what will happen next. I like feel of whatever the system uses to randomly determine outcomes for that moment before using them. Anticipation is a delicious feeling. Associating it with a tactile sensation only serves to heighten it. Accompany it with the rattling of the dice, or the sound of cards as they slide against each other, and I'm in heaven. Then, when the dice are rolled, or the cards are played, that anticipation instantly transforms into some other emotion, be it joy, sorrow or anger, as the results are determined.

It's that rush that fuels the gamist-style of play. Some games, such as poker, try to extend the anticipation. Poker even adds in chips to expand upon the audible element. Poker isn't a story game, but it is used as a resolution method in various games, such as Deadlands. This makes me wonder about four things:

1. Are games that use poker gamist, or at least hybrid?

2. Why don't more gamist RPGs use anticipation better?

3. How can I implement this into Metropole Luxury Coffin?

4. How does this random idea affect my dissertation?

EDIT: ...or not? I can't find a single gamist game that uses this anticipation/resolution combo. Now, I haven't gone over every game of the genre, but when you look at most of them you realize two things: the genre isn't that big and it isn't as well developed other genres, including narrativism.


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