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This is the new home of the blog for Mad Unkie Games. I used to use LiveJournal. You can still find my old entries there, but they inserted some rules about what I could and couldn't discuss and that just didn't sit well with me.

You can expect posts about game design, game theory, both mathematical and game studies and cultural notes. I also occasionally write about random topics and media that inspires me, whether it is by being good, or by being so bad that I think I could do better. Most of my ideas find their ways into games. Currently I'm working on two projects:

Storm of the Armadas: a tactical wargame about commanding massive, interplanetary fleets

Mercenary Companies: a tabletop role-playing game about a the day to day lives of a company of mercenaries

I used to be a PhD student, but I withdrew from the program before finishing my dissertation (a 200+ page essay). It was about an online community of game designers that defined several genres relating to role-playing games. I'm still discovering new things about that topic, and I'll probably post a bit about what I've figured out here. That said, because I'm still figuring things out, I may be wrong. Feel free to give feedback about this, or any of my ideas.


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