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No, the editor hasn't returned the most recent version of Storm of the Armadas (SotA) yet, but I've decided to change it enough that the new version will have to be edited, too. Fortunately, the changes will only affect certain sections of the game, so hopefully my editor won't be facing as much work.

This version includes a few changes to how the flip order is handled, eliminating the need for two-sided velocity counters. That comes at a cost, however, in that the counters have to be two-sided or you need twice as many counters. Not only that, but, while the flotilla counters will still have weapon arcs marked on them, those arcs won't be accompanied by the ship codes. I planned on inserting an image comparing the two, but it seems I first need to upload it somewhere else. Ah, the hazards of not having webspace.

The new version of SotA also cuts down on the number of ships in each flotilla, meaning a reduction in record keeping.

Overall, the game plays the same as before. These are just tweaks to the system.
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