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I haven’t posted much about Metropole Luxury Coffin (MLC) because I’m redesigning the action resolution system. There are several requirements for the system, including:

- it needs to incorporate gambling, because I want to tie reputation into action resolution
- if I’m sticking with cards, the the hand sizes need to stay small (like texas hold’em poker)
- the system needs to give a slight advantage to teams, but not overwhelmingly so

Unfortunately, it’s this last requirement that throws off most gambling games. Most gambling games are either balanced (like poker), or very unbalanced in favor of the house (like roulette). It doesn’t work when there may be multiple sides that get that advantage.

There are a couple of optional bonuses that I’d like to work in, mutual failure and over-success. I’m planning on turning MLC into something of a comedy game, and it’s funnier if everything goes wrong.

So, having exhausted most gambling games, I’m looking for inspiration in other games. I know that RPGs tend to focus upon individuals, but I can adapt systems from both board and card games, too.
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