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I've figured out the primary resolution system for Metropole Luxury Coffin (MLC), and it has its roots in Texas hold'em poker, except that you only keep track of the number of pairs.

Everyone gets dealt from 0-4 cards, depending upon their skill, situation, and whether or not they're assisting someone else. The GM then starts dealing the community cards into the center of the table, with everyone able to do 1 action per round before the GM deals another community card.

Tasks have a limited number of actions/community cards that may be played. If the player manages to achieve enough pairs, then it is a success.

Conflicts are a little more complex. Everyone gets to bid face points from their character's pool, and must match the highest bid before the end of the round. Alternatively, if the bidding escalates too quickly, a character may withdraw. When someone calls for it to be over, all the cards are shown and the number of pairs totaled.

This is just the basic MLC resolution system. I'll explain the more advanced rules in a future post.

I want to clarify that conflict represents two people opposing one another, not conflict resolution as I'm exploring in my dissertation. This form of conflict only deals with what the characters do, not what they hope to achieve.
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I haven’t posted much about Metropole Luxury Coffin (MLC) because I’m redesigning the action resolution system. There are several requirements for the system, including:

- it needs to incorporate gambling, because I want to tie reputation into action resolution
- if I’m sticking with cards, the the hand sizes need to stay small (like texas hold’em poker)
- the system needs to give a slight advantage to teams, but not overwhelmingly so

Unfortunately, it’s this last requirement that throws off most gambling games. Most gambling games are either balanced (like poker), or very unbalanced in favor of the house (like roulette). It doesn’t work when there may be multiple sides that get that advantage.

There are a couple of optional bonuses that I’d like to work in, mutual failure and over-success. I’m planning on turning MLC into something of a comedy game, and it’s funnier if everything goes wrong.

So, having exhausted most gambling games, I’m looking for inspiration in other games. I know that RPGs tend to focus upon individuals, but I can adapt systems from both board and card games, too.
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Well, I ran another playtest of Storm of the Armadas today, and found out the game works with me there. The scenarios need adjusting, but the game will be going back to the editor in just a few days.

The scenario I ran today was an intercept. This involves the forces coming at each other from odd angles. Victory could be achieved by getting your dreadnought off through the enemy's normal deployment zone. Alternatively, you could fight the incoming force. We didn't have time to finish the game, but I'm satisfied that it ran okay.

Keep an eye out for the beta test version soon.

Oh, and I figured out a lot about Metropole Luxury Coffin (MLC), mostly because someone's creating a videogame inspired by Thoreau's book set around Walden Pond. While the approach is the opposite to my own (nature vs. hotel), the struggles are similar. I'm going to see just how much I can adapt into MLC. I won't be able to adapt everything, and that's okay.


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